E4,000 a week Taoiseach steals from the poor

Taoiseach on 22 times the weekly social welfare rate cuts carers, the disabled and child allowance

Taoiseach's salary is still over E200,000

Cork Workers’ Party Councillor Ted Tynan has said that the pay cuts for the Taoiseach and government minister’s announced in today’s budget were no more than petty tokenism and would not have the slightest impact on the plush lifestyles of a government which is utterly out of touch with reality and with the daily concerns of ordinary people.

Cllr. Tynan said that even after the Taoiseach’s pay cut, Mr. Cowen will still have an income of over €4,000 per week and government ministers will each get almost €3,500 a week before tax.   He said that when this is contrasted with the new rate of Disability Allowance of €186 per week it is clear that the cuts will have no personal impact on the Taoiseach and his colleagues.

“Brian Cowen will still get the equivalent of 22 times the weekly social welfare rate. It is clear that he will have no worries about things like water charges, carbon taxes or child benefit cuts. €8 a week off the basic rate of social welfare will have a real and painful effect on the poorest in society but the cuts in ministerial pay will be no more than a most of them would spend on a night out”, said Cllr. Tynan.

Cllr. Tynan said that the budget was an utterly vicious attack on the poor and working people. It barely impinged on the super rich, taking no more than what they considered pocket money while at the same time the budget would slow down the economy and militate against job creation.

“This is a rich man’s budget with the sole purpose of funding the IMF / EU bank bailout and giving a free ride to big business at the expense of the working class.  It attacks the less well-off, steals from working people and panders to the elite of billionaires, financiers and speculators who have already bankrupted this country. Sadly it seems almost certain that while the main opposition parties of Fine Gael and Labour will oppose this budget they will adopt its terms once they are returned to power.  This is why the next Dáil needs a strong and revitalised Left to fight these measures and to give real representation to the majority of Irish people, the working class”, said Cllr. Tynan.

Issued 7th December 2010

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