100,000 march in Dublin against cuts

Heavy snow and severe winds did not deter the masses from marching today

Workers' Party march against austerity cuts
Some of the Workers' Party contingent at the march

Well over 100,000 people marched in Dublin today (Saturday) against the Irish government and IMF / EU austerity cuts.  
Despite heavy snow which caused disruption to public transport and chaos on the country's roads, tens of thousands of people came from every corner of Ireland to vent their anger at the government and support the rally in central Dublin which was organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.
As usual, police and media sources tried to down-play the numbers, suggesting that only 50,000 had turned up for the march, but the photos and television pictures broadcast worldwide showed the true figure was much higher.
The Workers' Party of Ireland was well represented at the rally with contingents from Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Waterford, Kildare, Galway and many other parts of Ireland, many of they carrying their local party banners.   The party also erected a 10 metre long banner across Dublin's famous Ha'penny Bridge which is one of the city's iconic landmarks.   The banner bore the words: "The Workers' Party says NO to Mass Unemployment".

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