The Budget - A Socialist Alternative
The Workers Party has prepared a detailed document on the Government Budget Strategy.
The full document can be downloaded from the link below:

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Executive Summary:


* Due to the failed ideology and failed politics of this government the Irish people, through the Irish Parliament, are no longer free to construct our own budget without big brother IMF/ECB/European Commission dictating.


* As 2/3 of the budget deficit is the result of the bank bailout we must ensure that this never happens again and demand a referendum to place the public good above the rights of private profit.. 


* Job creation is our central demand – We cannot shrink our way out of this recession.


* The expansion of our state companies is the central plank of our jobs policy


* The nationalisation of our oil and gas and the creation of a State Energy Company is a further step to energy security and long term employment.


* The utilisation of the NBRF to act as a National Employment Investment Fund – to be administered on a commercial basis.


* No reduction in old age or disability pensions or in unemployment benefit / allowance.


* Reverse the cuts in carers’ allowances and conditions


* An equitable tax system.


* A third tax band of 50% to be introduced. The threshold would be set at the level of 250% of the Average Industrial Wage.


* An end to the “Tax fugitive” system 


* Introduction of a wealth tax


* Eliminate all non-productive tax allowances and eliminate al tax allowances that are a direct or indirect subsidy to the private sector.


* Oppose residential property tax or Service charges.


* Maintain funding to our public health and education system – end funding to private health and education.


* Completely separate the private and public health system.


* De-bureaucratise the HSE


* End the scandal of a €0.5 billion annual subsidy to private landlords – invest the money in public sector housing.


* Upgrade our private housing stock through a subsidised insulation scheme


* Modernise our water network


* State supervised scheme of re-negotiated mortgage terms for family homes in negative equity and mortgage difficulty.

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