Lib Dems MPs should walk out on Tory coalition
The Workers' Party calls on Liberal Democrat MPs not to vote for an increase in student fees.

The Workers’ Party has called on Liberal Democrat MPs to walk away from the disastrous policies of the Con-Dem government by voting against the forthcoming bill on student fees. According to Workers’ Party general Secretary, John Lowry, "the Bill would be defeated if some members of the Lib-Dem front bench and all the Lib-Dem backbench members were to vote ‘No’along with smaller parties".

Mr. Lowry also noted that in such a situation the continued abstention of Sinn Féin MPs might ensure the continuation of the Con-Dem blitz attack on welfare provision. "Sinn Féin might have to step up to the plate and put the well-being of our people before doctrinaire considerations", said Mr. Lowry.

John Lowry also noted that already there were signs of splits among those charged with directing the economy. "While a majority of the policymakers at the November meeting of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee remain wed to the Thatcherite madness of austerity (for some), there were opposing calls once more for an increase in rates and additional stimulus.

In particular, MPC member Adam Posen reiterated his call for another £50bn in quantitative easing to support the economy." Mr. Lowry added that, "as the economy, the infrastructure and any semblance of a cohesive society fall further apart, more members of the elite will see the folly of Tory ideology. It is time for Lib-Dem MPs to put the people before dreams of power."

Issued: 23rd November 2010

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics