3 Major parties will all obey IMF diktats
Government in final death throes but determined to bring country down with it

The President of the Workers’ Party Michael Finnegan has, following the government’s formal application for IMF and EU loans, stated the three major parties in Dáil Éireann are all committed to carrying out the orders of the international financiers and will not pull Ireland out of the deal.


Mr. Finnegan said that for all their denunciations of the government’s application for loans of up to €90 billion in order to further bail out the banks, neither Fine Gael nor Labour would renege on, or even seek to renegotiate the IMF / EU deal and they would implement the swingeing austerity plan in full.


“We already know”, said Mr. Finnegan, “that Fine Gael would have launched an even greater rounds of cuts in public services.  They were the first to call for the ‘front-loading’ of cuts and are committed to major cuts in public service job numbers.   They have strongly hinted at major social welfare cuts and have long advocated privatisation of state and semi-state companies”.


“Labour’s response to the craven call to the IMF / EU moneylenders is to have a special meeting of the Dáil. This will solve nothing. This would merely be another set-piece shouting match which would change nothing. The people must be sovereign and have the final say.   It should also be remembered that while Labour opposed the original bank bailout in 2008 their position was to temporarily nationalise the banks, revitalise them with public funds and then sell them back to the private sector.  This still leaves the ordinary people of Ireland, the working class, to carry the can”


“None of the major parties in the Dáil will really stand up to the IMF and EU.  They are all, to some extent wedded to market economics. In many ways the right-wing parties may be secretly pleased that the present situation has arisen because it allows them to implement the right-wing agenda to which they are wedded, while placing all the political opprobrium that will follow at the doors of the IMF/ECB


"Green incompetence in government even extends to the manner of their partial departure”, said Mr. Finnegan.  “The point is that they have stuck to FF like fleas to a blanket since 2007 and are prepared to bring in IMF, budget and the 4-year austerity plan. But once again they have not the courage of their convictions because having introduced the plan they are not prepared to hang around to implement it.


“This government is now in its final death throes.  It is still determined however to ensure that it seals the fate of the Irish economy and trusses the IMF millstone around the necks of the Irish people for a generation or more.  It has no mandate, no credibility and not a single vestige of honour. It is a government on the rocks”, said Michael Finnegan.


Issued 22nd November 2010


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