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Ted Tynan

Ted Tynan
Ted Tynan

Ted Tynan has been a political and community activist in the Mayfield area on the Northside of Cork City for many years.  He has served as a Cork City councillor and is a fearless defender of the rights of working people and their families. 
Ted first came to prominence as a champion of the rights of Corporation tenants and soon built up a reputation as someone who could get things done and wasn't afraid of standing up to bureauracy or vested interests. 
Ted is a man of principle - so much so that he went to jail as part of the long campaign against water and refuse charges - a form of double taxation imposed on PAYE workers who already have money deducted from their pay for local authority funding.  Ted has also been involved in many campaigns down the years.  Most recently he has been involved in the campaign against the proliferation of mobile phone masts and the long-running battle to restore public access to the Old Head of Kinsale.  He has also supported the Rossport 5 in their fight with the multinational billionaire cartel led by Shell and Statoil which wants to endanger their lives with a sub-standard oil refinery.
An active anti-war campaigner, Ted is a member of Anti-War Ireland and strongly opposes foreign military use of Ireland's airports and ports.

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics