Walsh calls for 3 by-elections to be held at once

Waterford, Donegal South West and Dublin South by-election writs should be moved tomorrow says Cllr. Davy Walsh

The Workers’ Party have welcomed the High Court today (Wednesday) that there had been an unreasonable delay on the part of the government in holding the Donegal South West by-election.  

Waterford Workers Party Councillor Davy Walsh said that the government was running scared of the people and had attempted to set aside the democratic process of filling casual vacancies in the Dáil.  

Cllr Walsh called on the government to immediately move the writ for the three long-standing vacancies and not merely act on the vacancy referred in the High Court judgement.  He also said the ruling should now prompt the enactment of legislation to ensure that by-elections would be automatically triggered no more than three months after a vacancy arises.

“There is no reason why casual vacancies to the Dáil cannot be filled quickly.  While the government has stalled on the filling of three vacant Dáil seats the Taoiseach took a mere 10 days to fill Deirdre De Burca’s Seanad seat when she resigned last February.   The only substantial difference was that, since Ms. De Burca was a Taoiseach’s nominee to the Seanad, her replacement didn’t involve holding a by-election. Clearly the government were acting to preserve their majority and their hold on power, not in the interests of democracy”, said Cllr. Walsh.

Issued 3rd November 2010

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics