WP Conference commits to fighting cuts

Workers' Party Northern Ireland Regional Conference held in Belfast on Saturday, 30th October 2010

Photo shows platform at WP Northern Conference
Workers Party Conference, Belfast, 30th October 2010

Photo (Left to Right): Lily Kerr, Unison Trade Union; Dawn Purvis, Independent MLA, Gerry Grainger, Workers Party Northern Ireland Chairperson and John Lowry, General Secretary of the Workers' Party.

The Workers Party in Northern Ireland has pledged its opposition to cuts in public sector spending, job losses in all sectors and its commitment to promoting the alternatives which exist to the financial crisis brought about by the greed and fraud of the financial institutions.   The announcement was made at the party's Northern Ireland regional conference with took place in Belfast yesterday (30/10/10).

A panel of trade union representative Lily Kerr, Independent Assembly Member Dawn Purvis MLA, Workers Party General Secretary John Lowry and the Party's Chairperson in Northern Ireland, Gerry Grainger led a lively and constructive discussion on the causes of and the solutions to the current economic crisis.

There was a strong commitment to building on the existing opposition to public sector spending cuts and calls for a united approach by left and progressive parties over the coming months.

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