"Stop the Cuts Rally" A Good Beginning
The Workers' Party has welcomed the very large turnout at today's Stop the Cuts rally in Belfast.

Workers Party members fighting the cuts
Stop The Cuts Rally, Belfast 23rd October 2010

“The crowd here today is very heartening” said Workers Party spokesperson Paddy Lynn at the conclusion of the “Stop the Cuts” rally in Belfast city centre today.  “People see the gross injustice of the proposed cuts and a huge number of people have taken this first opportunity to vent their anger at the Tory/Lib Dem budget, by attending the ICTU organised rally here in Belfast.


“Make no mistake” said Mr Lynn “this is an attack on the poorest and most vulnerable groups in society".


 “Nothing can change the fact that welfare claimants face cuts of 18 billion whilst the banks are asked to pay up just 2.5 billion - less than one tenth of 1% of their liabilities.”


Those in work will fare no better”, he warned. “Increases in pension contributions, VAT and the changes to housing benefit, will all make everyday living an intolerable burden for the vast majority”.


“The ICTU anti-cuts rally will send out a message not only to Westminster but also the local politicians at Stormont, that people will not accept carrying the burden for the excesses of the well off in society and being forced to bail out the banks for a second time", Mr Lynn concluded.


Issued: Saturday 23rd October 2010

Peace, Work, Democracy, and Class Politics