Workers Party demand referendum on bailout

Party President says government has no mandate for the banking bailout

Launch of  the Campaign for Democratic Choice. 
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Workers Party meeting in Cork

Right: Workers Party President Michael Finnegan, Women's Committee representative Mary Diskin, Cork WP Education Officer John Bowen, and party General Secretary John Lowry launch the party's campaign for a referendum on the banking bailout at a meeting in Cork.

The Workers’ Party have announced that they are to launch a campaign for a referendum on the banking bailout, saying that the government has no mandate from the Irish people to divert billions of taxpayers’ Euros from vital services into saving corrupt banks and developers.

Speaking at a party seminar in Cork, Workers’ Party President Michael Finnegan said that the Irish people are being asked to bear an appalling level of sacrifice and pain at the behest of institutions which behaved with flagrant disregard for the public good and caused immense damage to the economy and the country.

“There is overwhelming rejection among ordinary working people of the banking bailout. Everywhere people are seething with anger at what is being done in their names.  They have been battered and sold down the river by the political and business establishment and the future for themselves and their children has been decimated in order to rehabilitate zombie banks and voracious developers.  It is a fundamental importance that democracy prevails and that the Irish people are consulted on this supremely important issue. Why is a full generation of Irish people being beggared to please international bankers and faceless bureaucrats in Brussels?” said Mr. Finnegan.

The Workers’ Party President said that the party will be immediately launching a national campaign for a referendum on the banking bailout and he has called for support from the trade union movement, community groups and all organisations and individuals who are affected by or are dealing with the fall-out from the economic crisis to rally to the demand for a referendum to reverse the banking bailout and put the Irish people first.

Issued Sunday, 10th October 2010

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