Workers Party defends public sector from CBI attacks
The Confederation of British Industry make unwarranted  attack on public sector workers in Northern Ireland.
Workers Party General Secretary John Lowry has defended public sector workers in Northern Ireland from the unwarranted attacks made on them by the Confederation of British Industry.
"The report issued today by the CBI is the latest in a long line of statements from Government sources which are conditioning people for the massive job losses and reduction of essential public services which will result from the Public Spending Review to be announced on October 20th".
"At the heart of these attacks is an attempt to put the blame and the cost of the present economic crisis at the door of workers and their families. Workers are portrayed as overpaid and lazy, doing nothing of valiue to society. Nothing could be further from the truth The worst example of this has been the misleading statistic widely publicised and peddled by the media, that 9,000 public sector workers earn more than the Prime Minister. The truth is there are over 6 million public sector workers in Britain and that those who earn more than the Prime Minister represent just 0.15% of the workforce. More thn 2/3 of public sector workers earn less than 21,000 per year, are subject to a 3 year pay freeze and the many more are facing losing their jobs".
"Workers will not be lectured to by the multi-millionaires of the CBI, many of whom regard 21,000 as just about enough for a weekend away"
Ends: Issued 23rd Sept 2010
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