WP welcome climb-down on Parades and Assemblies Bill

Legislation would have severely restricted right to protest or public assembly

Paddy Lynn (South Belfast)
WP South Belfast representative Paddy Lynn

Paddy Lynn Workers Party South Belfast representative has welcomed the climb-down by First and Deputy First Ministers Robinson and Mc Guinness in relation to proposed new laws concerning parades and public protests in Northern Ireland. Under the proposed laws assemblies of over 50 people in a public place and pickets of public and government offices would have required 37 days notice.  The legislation was ostensibly to deal with contentious Orange marches and was part of the deal between the DUP and Sinn Féin some time ago to restart the devolved assembly at Stormont. However there was an outcry by trade unions and other campaigning organisations at what would have been an attack on the fundamental right to protest and peaceful assembly.

 “I am glad that the folly of these hastily and ill thought out laws has been recognised and changes are to be made in line with the demands of campaigners who opposed them. “said Mr. Lynn.

Issued 16th August 2010

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics