WP condemn proposed "Fire Sale" of people's assets

Hatchet Man to oversee destruction of the people's companies

Bord Snip author Colm McCarthy

The President of the Workers’ Party, Michael Finnegan, has condemned as outrageous the government’s decision to appoint Mr. Colm McCarthy to lead a review group tasked with selling off state assets including the ESB, Bord Gáis, An Post and the CIE group.

Mr. Finnegan described the process as a “fire sale of the people’s assets” and said that Mr. McCarthy, the author of the Bord Snip report, was a hatchet-man hired to facilitate the plunder of the country’s last redeemable assets and whose ideological revulsion of the state sector was quite evident from his previous report.

“This is the last throw of the dice from a government which is acting like a crazed gambler throwing the deeds of his family home on his last losing chip.  It is nothing less than an act of national sabotage and must be stopped”, said the Workers Party President.

“This is a proposal to sell off state companies which have served this country well over many years to the very individuals companies who through their incompetence and greed have fleeced the people of this country. It will be a national disaster if the government gets its way on this matter”.

“Having near bankrupted the country with reckless economic policies and crippled the next generation of our people with debt through the banking bailout, the government is now intent on selling the family silver. These state and semi-state companies were built over many years of public investment and hard work. They must not be sold off by a deranged government and there is an onus on the trade union movement, the left and anyone who believes in the future of this country to stand up and oppose this madness”, said Mr. Finnegan.

Issued 22nd July 2010

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