Finnegan calls for an end to ex-Taoisigh slush fund

Bertie Ahern continues to leech massive sums of money from public purse

B. Ahern TD
Ahern - draining public funds like a gorged leech

Workers Party President Michael Finnegan has called for the scrapping of a special allowance for former Taoisigh from which Fianna Fáil’s Bertie Ahern has claimed more than €230,000 since he left office on top of his TD’s salary, Taoiseach’s pension and expenses.

Mr. Finnegan said it was an utter disgrace that Bertie Ahern had claimed more than half a million Euro in salary, pensions and allowances from the public purse and has called on the disgraced ex-Taoiseach to pay back the money.

“The so-called special allowance is no more than a massive slush fund for failed politicians and the payment to Bertie Ahern, who played a major role in the bankrupting of this country, is particularly repulsive.  This man has the gall to pocket half a million Euro of taxpayers’ money while he receives massive payments from a Sunday newspaper, and is demanding €50,000 a pop for public speaking engagements.  His speeches on how to mismanage the economy while grinning inanely must be riveting”, said Michael Finnegan.

The Workers Party President said that instead of being bankrolled by the people of Ireland, Mr Ahern should be put on trial for gross mismanagement of the economy and reckless endangerment of the public finances.

“Bertie Ahern epitomises everything that is rotten and corrupt about the Irish political scene. Despite having finally resigned in disgrace, Ahern continues to resurface like a bad smell and draw from the public purse like a gorged leech.  It is high time his perks were taken away once and for all”, said Mr. Finnegan.

Issued 21st June 2010

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