Labour's opportunity will be lost if they coalesce with the right

Labour must walk away from the poison embrace of Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil or risk squandering their gains

The Workers’ Party have welcomed the latest Irish Times / MRBI poll published last weekend which shows a significant swing to the left, most of it going to the Labour Party.

Commenting on the poll results, Workers Party President Mick Finnegan said: "The poll presents the Labour Party with a unique opportunity but it is an opportunity that won’t be repeated if Labour fails to deliver on what it promises".

"It is clear" said Mr. Finnegan "that there is a deep yearning among the Irish people for change. The continuing collapse of support for Fianna Fáil shows that the present government has lost its mandate to continue in power The refusal of the electorate to transfer their support to Fine Gael shows that for the first time in three generations there is a chance to bury Civil War politics and create a genuine left-right alignment in Ireland.. However what the country does not need is the type of Blair-Brown New Labour politics which Britain has just rejected after 13 years of disappointment, failure and outright cynicism".

“The problem for Labour is that it is not at all clear what they are offering but that anything seems acceptable instead of Fianna Fáil.  Once in power in either a Labour or Fine Gael led coalition the novelty of a Gilmore government will soon abate.  The question for Labour is whether they will continue with a variation of the policies of the outgoing government involving cuts in pay and public spending, shoring up banks and other private institutions or whether they will institute the type of revolutionary changes that their claim to represent an alternative suggests”.

"If Labour under Gilmore are prepared to walk away from the poisoned embrace of Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil they now have the chance to build a Labour-led Left coalition with a genuine chance of forming the next government. We ask Eamon Gilmore to commit to such a policy which will electrify political debate in this country, solidify his own base, mobilise the trade union movement in his support, and guarantee support from the many smaller genuine left parties as well as a vast array of community groups and civic society organisations. If Gilmore is not prepared to commit to such a policy then, no matter how he wraps it in media spin, he is selling the same failed policy of Norton, Corish and O'Leary".


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