Polish government ban on communist symbols condemned

Decision is part of concerted and relentless campaign to distort and falsify history

The Workers’ Party of Ireland condemns the actions of the Polish government in creating a new reactionary law to ban the display of communist symbols in Poland. This attack on the democratic rights of Polish communists and the Communist Party of Poland to raise their principles and symbols is a continuation of the unprecedented acts of historical vandalism being committed throughout Europe and in Poland itself on the monuments and images which symbolise the struggle against fascism in Europe, including the attempt to remove the statue of General Karol Swierczewski, a hero and veteran of the International Brigades who fought for the Spanish Republic.

These attacks, bolstered by the reactionary anti-communist rhetoric of forces within the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly, are an attempt at a time of capitalist crisis, when capitalism has again clearly failed the working class,  to prevent workers seeing the achievements of socialism and that another world is possible.

This hostility has been recently manifested in the vicious anti-communist campaign being waged across Europe. There is a concerted and relentless campaign to distort and falsify history by vilifying those who fought for the destruction of Nazism and fascism and to absolve fascism and its collaborators from the terror and destruction they visited upon the world.


The Soviet Union played a decisive role in the defeat of fascism, Nazism and Japanese imperialism. In 1945 fascism was defeated in Europe. The Soviet Union, the Red Army and the communist partisans and resistance fighters of Europe were instrumental in securing that defeat. The Red Army, under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was instrumental in that achievement.

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