Workers Party Ard Fheis this weekend

Theme of Conference is "Organise - Build the Party"

Workers Party introduce Greek guests

Photo (left to right): Michael Finnegan, President of the Workers Party of Ireland, Padraig Mannion, Workers Party Research Officer, Thanasis Vlontsos, Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Costas Pateras, Communist Party of Greece (interpreter) at a Press Conference in Dublin today (Thursday) to launch the Workers Party Ard Fheis.   The Greek  guests will speak at the conference of their experience in organising the mass anti-capitalist protests across Greece which have seen millions of Greek workers take to the streets.

Launching the Workers’ Party 2010 Ard Fheis today Michael Finnegan, Party president said the theme of the conference “Organise – Build the Party” had been carefully chosen.

“Today more than ever before’ stated Mr Finnegan “the working class in Ireland, whether employed or unemployed, whether public or private sector, whatever their contry of birth need a party which will stand proudly on their behalf and resoutely promote and defend their interests. It is in this context that our Ard Fheis is being held, and it is in this context that we have chosen our theme.’

“Our clįr (agenda) is a very full one. The major papers and other policy motions extend to 46 A4 pages. We look forward to two days of very intensive debate – and confidently expect to emerge a stronger and more focused organisation ready for the battles ahead both North and South”.

“I would take this opportunity to repeat the call I made on 12th May to mark the anniversary of the execution of James Connolly. On that day I said: “Connolly’s teachings are as relevant today as when he was alive. His socialism is ageless and we as socialists and trade unionists must strive to ensure that his legacy is kept alive in Ireland today and in the future. Connolly would never have accepted the dictum from the bourgeoisie that “labour must wait”. Labour has waited in vain for 90 years. Now, as capitalism is in deep crisis, the Left has the opportunity to fulfil Connolly’s dream. We call on the entire Left in Ireland, including the Labour Party and the ICTU, to come together to sweep this inept government out of the Oireachtas and, for the first time in our history, install a left-led administration”. Once again I call on all genuine left groups to work together for our class and for our country”.

“The Workers party is very aware of the international nature of capitalism and the necessity of a coordinated international working class fight against capitalism. We will devote considerable time therefore to debating the international situation and are delighted two distinguished guest speakers. Greece is one of the countries most brutally suffering during the present crisis of capitalism Thanasis Vlontzos, one of those most centrally involved in organising the huge protests against EU and IMF enforced austerity measures in Greece is here at this Press Conference and will answer any questions through an interpreter”.

“Iraq, as we all know, was the victim of a brutal invasion seven years ago and is still the victim of war, plunder, and deliberately ignited sectarianism. It is therefore with great pleasure that we will welcome Comrade Emad al-Hamdani, member of the central executive and international relations committee, of the Iraqi Communist Party."

“We are looking forward to our Ard Fheis and to the struggle ahead, whether against the Tories in Leinster House, in Stormont, in Westminster or in Brussels”.

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