Workers Party again demands inquiry into DDDA

Questions raised over independence of existing process

Malachy Steenson, Workers' Party  representative in Dublin Central, has again demanded a full public inquiry into the Dublin Docklands Development Authority. This renewed demand follows revelations that key documents relating to DDDA committee meetings concerning the purchase of the Glass Bottle site have gone missing.

"This latest revelation" stated Malachy Steenson "bears out our previously voiced concerns about the "independent" inquiry carried out by Prof Niamh Brennan, wife of the man who was  Minister for Justice or Attorney General during the key periods in the existence of the DDDA. How is it that Niamh Brennan, who is lauded by the establishment as an expert on Corporate Governance, didn't notice or ignored the fact that key documents were missing? John Gormley has  stated that he recently met Prof Brennan and she said nothing about the files. Does this raise questions about the nature of her inquiry, or does it advance the necessity of the Garda Fraud Squad talking up residence in DDDA headquarters?

We welcome Eamonn Gilmore's call for an Inquiry. However we think his indignation would be better addressed to the members of his own party who sat on, and continue to sit on, the Docklands Council. It is time he instructed them that they owe their loyalty to the citizens of Dublin, not to cosy corporate cartel to which some of them, unfortunately, have become embedded.

Issued 23rd May 2010

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics