WP message of support to Greek activists

Workers Party send solidarity message to organisers of Greece's mass anti-capitalism protests

Above: video from a huge rally in the Greek capital Athens to protest against IMF / EU imposed cuts in workers pay and social services.  This rally was organised by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and was attended by more than 100,000 people.  The main speaker is Aleka Papariga, Member of the Greek Parliament and General Secretary of the KKE.  This is the latest of several huge rallies, the others being organised by PAME - the Workers Militant Front to which the KKE is affiliated.  

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) held a mass rally in Athens last Saturday (15th May) to protest against the measures being implemented by the social democratic PASOK government at the behest of the international bankers and speculators and the institutions of international capital. The rally was addressed by several speakers from parties with whom the KKE has fraternal links. The KKE also received dozens of messages of solidarity from fraternal Communist and Workers’ parties around the world, which were read out at the rally, and extracts of which were published in the KKE’s daily newspaper Rizospastis.  The following message was sent by the Workers Party of Ireland:




The Workers’ Party of Ireland sends fraternal greetings to the KKE, to PAME (the Workers Militant Front), and to the working class of Greece in their struggle against the anti-worker and anti-people plans of PASOK, the Greek ruling class, and the organisations of international capital. We extend our solidarity to you in your struggle and applaud your efforts to build an alliance of all class-conscious and progressive forces to oppose the path of capitalism with the socialist economic alternative.


The people of Ireland, also the targets of vicious cuts aimed at making the working class pay for this inevitable capitalist crisis, have seen that PAME and the KKE are leading the resistance of the Greek people. They have, like peoples across the world, seen the message of resistance and of solidarity hung from the Acropolis by the KKE. The working class of Greece is now on the frontline of the international struggle against the exploiters, the speculators, and their puppets.


We in The Workers’ Party of Ireland know that the leadership of the resistance of the Greek working class is in good hands. We know that the KKE and PAME will continue to promote and organise disciplined mass political action in defence of the working class against both the betrayals of the social democrats and the foolishness of those who fail to understand the correct means of revolutionary struggle in the current circumstances. We know that the KKE and PAME will never cease to struggle on all fronts against those who would sacrifice the workers of Greece to the interests of imperialism. The Workers’ Party of Ireland wishes you every success for your national rally in Athens on May 15th, and in your resistance against the capitalists and their political puppets. Your struggles are our struggles. We salute those workers of Greece who have mobilised for today’s march, and we join you in saying:  “Peoples of Europe, Rise Up! Workers of All Countries, Unite!”


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