Sectarianism remains most potent force in NI politics

John Lowry, Workers Party General Secretary, commenting on the Westminister Elections in Northern Ireland  said:

“All the indications are that these elections are being conducted in much the same way as all previous elections. Both Unionists and Nationalists are engaged in an exercise to determine the leadership of their respective tribal camps and the antics surrounding South Belfast and Fermanagh South Tyrone are proof, if any were needed, that sectarianism remains as the most potent force in Northern Ireland politics. Lip service to the socio economic needs of people cannot disguise the underlying sectarian and tribal division which lies at the heart of Northern Ireland society. In this important respect not much  has changed".


"It should be taken as a wake up call to all those democrats and socialists, those on the left and all citizens who aspire to a new and different Northern Ireland, that the established parties cannot deliver the type of radical change needed to bring such a vision to a living reality. Mainstream politics is embedded in a deep rut of sectarian and communal division and shows no sign of changing".


"Progressive change" concluded John Lowry  "will only come about when those who aspire to it come together and mobilise in the interests of those who are neither Unionist nor nationalist, orange nor green but see themselves as citizens. We must do all in our power to ensure that come the local and assembly elections in Northern Ireland next year people will have a real choice and that their voices will be heard politically. Democrats and socialists must unite to ensure this happens.”

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