Waterford radiotherapy crisis condemned

People are entitled to a comprehensive public health care service says Cllr. Davy Walsh

Davy Walsh
Councillor Davy Walsh

The Workers Party has condemned the decision by Whitfield Hospital in Waterford to stop taking new radiotherapy patients from the public health service.


Councillor Davy Walsh has said he appalled at the move but that it did not particularly surprise him as the sole motive of the private medical sector was profit.   It showed once again, he said, that the state cannot rely on private medicine to look after public patients and that the arrangement between Whitfield and the HSE to treat public patients was never going to be satisfactory.


“For many years the people of Waterford have fought to have full radiotherapy services available at Waterford Regional Hospital.  At the last general election this was a hot issue which forced the government to set up this arrangement with Whitfield.   Now it is over and Waterford is without a public radiotherapy service once more while those who can afford to pay can avail of the Whitfield which was built with the help of government tax breaks”.


“This government has failed the ordinary taxpayers and working people of this country.   They have poured billions of Euro into banks and huge amounts of money into creating a two-tier health service.  The people of Waterford should no longer be prepared to accept half a health service or be fobbed off by buzzwords like ‘centres of excellence’.   They are entitled to a comprehensive and first class health service, the availability of which is not subject to the whim of profiteers or the fluctuations of the private market.  The people must demand this proper health service and demand it now”, said Cllr. Walsh.


Issued 7th April 2010

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