Labour & Sinn Féin show their true colours

Self-proclaimed left-wing councillors vote to charge social welfare recipients more for refuse collection.  Workers Party condemn decision as callous.

John Dunne
John Dunne (Ballymun)

The Workers Party have condemned Monday night’s decision by Dublin City Councillors to all but abolish the waiver system on refuse charges in a vote on the city’s annual Estimates.


Dublin Region Workers Party spokesman John Dunne said that the imposition of a €94 per annum charge on those already struggling to get by was only the “tip of the iceberg” and predicted that this would rise dramatically in the near future.


Mr. Dunne said that the Workers Party is opposed to domestic service charges as a matter of principle because they constitute a form of double taxation but that the waiver was very important more than 40,000 Dublin city householders on low incomes.


“What is most incredible about this decision is that the Labour Party and Sinn Féin voted for it.  It only shows how hollow and false their condemnation of the recent budget really is.  Labour and Sinn Féin politicians correctly railed against the recent social welfare cuts but their councillors have effectively voted to cut Dublin city residents’ social welfare by a further €2 a week through this decision”, said Mr. Dunne.


Referring to Monday’s High Court decision in favour of private refuse operators, Mr. Dunne said that the court was wrong to simply regard the city council as another competitor in the refuse collection business. “Unlike private companies out to make a profit, the council has a statutory responsibility in relation to refuse collection.  Monday night’s council decision only paves the way for further privatisation of the refuse service and for water privatisation within the next few years, especially since the government has now given the go ahead for water charges in which many of the same firms have a strong interest”, he said.

Cllr. Ted Tynan
Cllr. Ted Tynan (Cork)

Meanwhile in Cork, Workers Party Councillor Ted Tynan hit out at the Labour Party who last night supported the Estimates containing major cutbacks in services including Housing Maintenance, Road and libraries.  Labour also strongly opposed an attempt to transfer funds from the councillor's travel budget into the Housing Maintenance programe.   "Labour have cried an ocean of crocodile tears over the recent budget but when the crunch comes they have implemented similar cuts here in Cork City and are happy to see councillors going off on junkets to unnecessary conferences while  vital services are slashed.   They are totally dishonest about providing an alternative to the present Fianna Fáil / Green Party coalition and a FG / Labour government will implement the same anti-worker, pro-banker policies". said Ted Tynan.


Issued 22nd December 2009

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