Michael Finnegan - Lucan

Mick Finnegan
Michael Finnegan - Lucan

Michael Finnegan is the Workers’ Party candidate for Lucan / Palmerstown. Michael is a long time trade unionist and is President of The Workers’ Party.

Michael and his wife, Anne, have been community activists for many years. Living in Hillcrest, Lucan, Michael was one of the leading campaigners against the Lisbon Treaty.


Michael stands for:

*  More control to people over what happens in our area by electing a local District Council for Lucan/Palmerstown;

*  Less power to County Manager and more to people through locally elected representatives;

*  Fairness in funding of local government. For example tax on land owners who presently pay no rates;

*    More leisure facilities for a growing young population;

*    Greater support for the community and parents to combat drug abuse;

*   Many of the problems which our area suffers are a result of development led planning and some corrupt politicians.

     The government is making a savage attack on the living standards of working people.  At a time of growing unemployment those suffering economic hardship need a voice to challenge the political consensus that has developed over many years.

I am asking for your support in the June local election.

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics