Ted Tynan - Cork North East

Ted Tynan
Ted Tynan - Cork North East

Ted Tynan is one of the best known local community activists and campaigners in the North East of Cork City. 


     Ted has been deeply involved in countless  local campaigns for the rights of ordinary people, and as a socialist he believes that workers and their families must come before private profit.


     Ted has been active on a large number of local issues in the area over the last ten years, including:-


   Demanding a programme of genuinely affordable houses and for an end to the boarding up of houses at a time when 5,000 Cork families are on the city’s housing list.

     Fight against cuts in education, health and disability services.

     Opposing anti-social behaviour.

    Campaigning for proper local amenities and the  preservation of green spaces.

       Opposing the proliferation of mobile phone masts and insisting that these masts be erected well away from schools and houses.

       Fighting against the reintroduction of water charges and the privatisation of services.


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