Owen Martin

Owen Martin, Workers Party candidate Ballymun-Finglas Area

Owen Martin
Owen Martin

Owen Martin is a long-time resident of Finglas and has been active on many issues and campaigns for the local area.  He is contesting the Ballymun-Finglas ward along with fellow party activist John Dunne.


He is a Health Worker in Dublin's Mater Hospital and a long-term member of SIPTU.


During his time as a social activist, Owen has:


  • Campaigned to keep Green Spaces in the Finglas are for the benefit of Finglas residents.
  • Petitioned to improve Dublin Bus Service for Finglas.
  • Been a keen supporter of Erin's Isle and Dublin Football.
  • Has been active on Social committees and issues in the area.


I believe that this is the most important election for the area and the country for a long time.  I am putting myself forward as a candidate because I believe that this is the time to make the changes - starting with our county council.  As a Health Worker, I have seen at first hand the mistakes and bad state of our health system.  This has been allowed to happen because our governments have refused to seriously address the problems in the system for the last ten years.  Now that money is becoming scarce again, it is the ordinary workers who are expected to carry the main share of the cuts in their pay - as well as extra taxes and job losses.  This is your opportunity to make changes at a local level.  If elected, I will work hard to defend the interests of workers and ensure that further charges, like the water tax, is not introduced into Dublin City. 


Owen Martin recently submitted a proposal to Dublin City council outlining his ideas on the Redevelopment of Finglas Village.


He is calling for statutory and local input into this project. 

The Finglas Village area is now virtually derelict - the area is crying out for development. 

We should not have to wait until the developers want to start this project. 

If they don't want to proceed then they should stand back and the Project should become a civic development with local community city council and genuine local builders. 

Many building workers are on the dole in this area and now is the time to build a new heart for the Finglas Community.  I will make this a huge priority if I am elected to Dublin City Council.


Owen Martin stands for:-

A decent standard of living for all

Real investment by government in our infrastructure; to create jobs and improve our living environment

A decent education system where all of the children get the best possible chance

A genuine National Health Service

Real action to end homelessness

Real Nationalised Banks working for the interests of workers be they self-employed.



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