Assembly Elections 2007

The elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly will take place on Wednesday, 7th March 2007. 

Tom French

Manifesto & Statements

The Workers’ Party has announced that it will field six candidates in the forthcoming Assembly elections.


The Party’s Director of Elections, and well-known former Craigavon Councillor Tom French said: “The Workers’ Party will once again offer a democratic, anti-sectarian, left alternative to voters. It is our aim during and after the election to encourage a broad alliance to develop that will flush out the anti-democratic and sectarian interests that exist to keep people divided in our workplaces, our schools, our housing areas, in our sports and culture. The demand for a Bill of Rights remains top of the agenda to protect us moving forward from the sectarianism of the past and those who would happily seek to discriminate on behalf of their ‘tribe’ in the future.


“Socialists stand in amazement that politics here continues on the basis of sectarian headcounting, hatred and bigotry while the land speculators and political fat cats mortgage away our futures and those of our children,” the veteran local government representative said.


The Workers’ Party candidates standing for the Assembly are as follows:


South Antrim: Marcella Delaney


North Belfast: John Lavery


East Belfast: Joe Bell


South Belfast: Paddy Lynn


West Belfast: John Lowry


Lagan Valley: John Magee


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