600 a day join dole queues

Country faces crisis of type not seen since 1980s says Short

Peter Short
Peter Short, Dundalk WP

The Workers’ Party have said that the net increase in July’s unemployment figures of almost six hundred people every day was clear proof that people are now facing a crisis of a type not seen in this country since the 1980s.


Louth Workers’ Party spokesman Peter Short said that the figure was a shocking commentary on the government’s job strategy and meant real hardship for up to a million people who were directly affected by the job losses, including those being made unemployed and their immediate families.


“After over ten years of unprecedented growth the government has failed to plan ahead for leaner times, putting all its eggs in the same basket of construction and services. The effect is already being felt with real stories of personal hardship with unemployment and spiralling prices for basics such as food, petrol and heating costs.  If this continues the government will not only face an autumn of discontent but a winter of upheaval”, said Mr. Short.


Issued Wednesday, 30th July 2008



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