ESRI has become cuts cheer-leader

Government think-tank should stick to providing information

The Workers Party president, Michael Finnegan, has said that the Economic and Social Research Institute should stick to statistical and social research instead of acting a the shock-troops of the EU/IMF deal.

Mr. Finnegan was responding to comments from ESRI Professor John Fitzgerald, who called for even more cuts in public spending.

The Workers Party President said that the ESRI had, over the last few years, morphed from being a social and economic policy research body, which had done some very useful work, into being a ginger-group for the cuts policy of the EU/IMF and government.  

“The ESRI should stick to what it is was so good at in the past, producing serious research into key issues.  By examining all relevant social as well as economic factors affecting this country and its people it could play a valuable role in coming up with strategies for dealing with issues such as unemployment, social exclusion and poverty. It should cease acting as a sharpening stone for the knife-wielding of the present government and its economic masters”, said Mr. Finnegan.

Issued 1st September 2011

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