Govt should block energy price hikes

WP President calls on minister to block energy price hike

The President of the Workers’ Party Michael Finnegan has called on the government to block any further rise in energy prices, saying that vicious price rises had already put a huge strain on many thousands of families.

Mr. Finnegan condemned warnings from Bord Gais today that gas and electricity prices would rise again this year and he pointed out that energy prices in this country are 27% higher than they were a year ago and Ireland is already one of the most expensive countries in the EU for domestic energy prices.

“The incomes of the vast majority of Irish people have fallen over the last three years either through direct pay cuts or through government levies and cuts in social welfare.  Inflation is still relatively low here and the Consumer Price Index grew by 3% last year.  For Bord Gais and other energy suppliers to demand increases again when their prices shot up by almost 10 times that figure in the last year is completely unacceptable. I am calling on the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Pat Rabbitte to send a firm message to the energy companies that no further price increases will be allowed”, said Mr. Finnegan.


Issued 13th June 2011

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