Election called for March 11th

Ignominious end for a government that put bankers before people

Mick Finnegan
Mick Finnegan - WP President, Dublin Mid West candidate

Workers’ Party President Mick Finnegan has said that the announcement that a general election will be held on March 11th will be welcomed by people with a sigh of relief but the most important question now is whether the election will result in a real change in Irish politics or simply a changing of the guard in Leinster House.

Mr. Finnegan said that the announcement marks the ignominious end of what was essentially a bankers and speculators government which had done untold damage to the Irish economy and had imposed suffering and pain on thousands of working class families in order to support a corrupt and failed system.

“The outgoing government will go down in history as the worst in the history of the state, yet as they prepare to leave power, they continue to cut the wages of workers, attack social welfare and dither over a scandalous health service. At the same time they have already started packing quangos and state controlled authorities with their buddies so that even when they are gone their allies will still have access to power”, said Michael Finnegan.

“The election on March 11th will be the most important election in this country since the foundation of the state.  There is a real chance of a fundamentally different type of politics taking root in this country, one that puts people before individual greed and puts the provision of public services such as health, education and the creation of jobs at the top of the agenda instead of  financing banks, property speculators and the like.”, the Workers’ Party President stated.

Issued 20th January 2011

Peace, Work, Democracy & Class Politics