Action demanded on Cork toxic site

Gales and High Tide inundated site last night - toxic heavy metals known to be on site.  Gormley must act now.

Haulbowline at High Tide 8/10/10
High Tide at Haulbowline toxic site 08/10/10

The Workers’ Party has called described the overnight flooding of the toxic waste site on Haulbowline Island in Cork Harbour as extremely worrying and the party have called for immediate action to deal with the situation there.

Cork East Workers’ Party representative John Jefferies said that the toxic sites on the eastern end of Haulbowline Island were breached by yesterday evening’s (Thursday) high tide and choppy seas and the contaminated area had been swamped by the sea with the potential for heavy metals such as Chromium 6, Arsenic and other toxins being washed into the waters of Cork Harbour.

Mr. Jefferies said that there was now a huge lagoon covering the contaminated area and that it was open to the sea at high tide and with high tides due to continue for several more days there is a danger of even more material being washed into Cork Harbour.

 “With the entire world’s media now focussed on the toxic waste disaster in Hungary it is time for the Irish government to work with all speed to deal with our toxic time bomb at Haulbowline. We may not have the immediately visible red sludge but some of the heavy metals found in the Hungarian flood are the same as those which are now in all likelihood being washed into Cork Harbour”.    

Both Cork Harbour and the Hungarian sludge contain Chromium, Arsenic and Lead.  Haulbowline also has Mercury, Nickel and other heavy metals as identified in a study published by the Department of the Environment 2 years ago.

“Mr. Gormley must act immediately if he wants to avoid being the Green minister who presided over a toxic disaster in Cork Harbour and face the prospect of fines of up to €100,000 a day on Ireland from the EU commission.  The time for prevarication is well and truly over” said John Jefferies.

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