Įrd Fheis 2008

Successful Įrd Fheis / Annual Delegate Conference

The Workers' Party held its 2008 Įrd Fheis / Annual Delegate conference on the weekend of 16/17th May at Liberty Hall in Dublin.  This year's conference was a resounding success with several high-profile guest speakers and plenty of participation from members from every corner of Ireland and abroad.
Among the guest speakers were SIPTU General President Jack O'Connor, UNITE Irish Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly, Greek Communist Party MEP Athanasios Pafilis and Portuguese Communist Party member Mafalda Guerreiro. The Cuban Ambassador to Ireland Noel Carillo attended the Saturday afternoon debate and received a standing ovation from the assembled members and supporters of the party.  There were also addresses from Mira Dabit of the Palestinian community in Ireland and from two Workers' Party supporters from the United States who are active in the anti-war movement there and in opposition to US foreign policy. Profiles of some of the main guest speakers can be found here.

The Įrd Fheis debated a wide range of motions concerning vital issues which affect Irish workers and their families and working class people worldwide.    The conference passed an emergency motion calling for the government to invest in the beleagured Waterford Crystal plant in Waterford city to ensure the retention of jobs there as well as a unanimous call for the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

To view the Įrd Fheis Clįr (motions, standing orders, etc) click the link at the bottom of this page.
Also included below are links to the following contributions:-
Jack O'Connor, General President, Services, Industrial, Professional Trade Union (SIPTU)
Athanasios Pafilis MEP, Greek Communist Party member of the European Parliament
Message from the Communist Party of Portugal, delivered by Mafalda Guerreiro, member of the Central Committee
Message of Solidarity from the Communist Party of Iraq
Address by Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary, UNITE trade union

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speech of Athanasios Pafilis MEP

Message from Portuguese CP

Message from Iraq Communist Party

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