Árd Fheis 2007

Waterford City, Saturday 21st April 2007

View address of the Cuban Ambassador to Ireland, Noel Carrillo to the Workers' Party Árd Fheis.

View video of Séan Garland's Presidential Address

Seán Garland address, video Part 2

Seán Garland presidential address, part 3

Seán Garland address, part 4

Árd Fheis platform, Waterford 2007

The Workers' Party Árd Fheis took place at the Granville Hotel in Waterford last Saturday, 21st April 2007 with the biggest attendance at a Workers Party conference for over 15 years.
Members and supporters travelled from every county in Ireland to attend the Árd Fheis and there was a strong Waterford contingent supporting local Workers' Party Councillor John Halligan in his election campaign.  We will shortly be uploading more Árd Fheis reports and photographs and we hope to have all major Árd Fheis documents on line later this week.
To view the Árd Fheis timetable and Clár (Conference Programme) click Here.
There were a number of very welcome guest speakers at the conference including the Cuban Ambassador to Ireland, Mr. Noel Carrillo, Ms. Marie O'Connor of the Health Services Action Group, Mr. Dick Roche of the Waterford Council of Trade Unions, Mr. Roger Cole of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance, Mr. Eddie Grant of the Nigerian Community in Waterford and local trade unionist Joe Tobin who is the chairman of the Workers' Party in Waterford.
A special presentation was made to former party president and Dáil deputy Tomás Mac Giolla and his wife Máire Bhean Mac Giolla who have both given more than 60 years of loyal service to the Workers' Party.  An interview with Tomás is carried in the current issue of Magill Magazine.

Árd Fheis Clár 2007

Opening address by John Lowry, General Secretary

Northern Ireland motion - Address by Des O'Hagan

Cllr. John Halligan's closing address

Address of Seán Garland, Party President

Peace, Work, Democracy and Class Politics