Alabama 3 support Sean Garland

Internationally renowned rock band voice their support for Sean Garland

Sean Garland speaking at Alabama 3 gig in Dublin
Sean Garland joins Alabama 3 on stage at the Tripod

World famous musician's the ALABAMA 3 have called for the US to remove their demand for the extradition of Sean Garland.  The band made their demand in Dublin during a live performance by the band.

Alabama 3 - the internationally renowned group whose single ""Woke Up This Morning" is best known as the theme tune from the hit US television series The Sopranos have voiced their support for Sean Garland by brining Sean on stage during their Dublin gig last weekend (October 22nd 2010).
Band members including Jake Black and Larry Love made a strong appeal against the US governments extradition demand for Sean at the Tripod in Dublin on Friday night and invited Sean to the microphone where he received strong support from the group's fans.
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